Crystal Castles. Affection.

Love it.

HolyFuckingShit. Side by side comparison. Day one of my weight loss journey and today, taken not but an hour ago! I’ve never taken a picture of myself in just a bra on so I’m doing an imaginary backflip of excitement on the inside! Wow-ow-ow!

I haven’t weighed myself since August 10th. I honestly try and stay away from the scale for the sake of my sanity. I don’t want to constantly check it. Who needs that kinda pressure? I know what I have to do, eat right, work out, enjoy life, haha. I’m serious, this has been a crazy 112 days, ya’ll! I wonder what my body will look like in another 4-ish months!

Lana del Rey, Lolyta.

Hottest fucking song & a new workout fave<3. Can’t wait to have this blaring off my headphones at the park tonight.


IT KICKED MY ASS! And I feel fucking AMAZING right now! I’m sure I’ll be hurting later! So proud of myself—I gave it my all. I followed Anita 95% of the time, but for that remaining 5% I tried following Natalie as much as possible. It’s my GOAL to kick my own ass (“literally”—haha). I look like SHIT, but I love, love, LOVE it.  


Sorry (not really). Feeling kinda cute right now and gonna have some fun ;]

just a typical Monday night. 

I’m on one.

My booty-shaking song for the day!

fuck yea bamf M.I.A.